Sunday, November 2, 2008

Still Running

Well, as the "1000K in 2008" section to the right shows, I am still running.

Motivation continues to be a big battle; that is, trying to keep it up. The blog helps, knowing my friends and family is cheering for me and keeping tabs on my progress help, and future goals help. That said, a Marathon takes about 26 weeks of training to prepare for, not to mention being prepared just to start training for the Marathon.

26 weeks of training for several hours where you compete against yourself to see if you have it in you.

Right now I will just keep on running as I reach for 1000km in 52 weeks. Only 8.5 weeks and 142 km left; 16.71 km/week.

1 comment:

Ken said...

You`ve come too far (866 km) to quit now and if you need motivation this week or next just think about trying to run 100+ km during your sure to be hectic Christmas season...