Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Running Partner Helps A Long Run Fly By

I had great luck today, I had 2 running partners. First, my 3 year old asked to come on my run and since I was only running 24 km I said ok. (Next week I will have to pass since I have a 32 km run coming up.) So, we went to his swimming lesson, arrived home at noon, had a bit to eat and then packed the car with our gear (running gear, water, toys, food for both of us, and the chariot).

Since I was taking my son in the running stroller I figured the best route for least water, bumps, and maximum side walk space would be along the canal. So we headed down to Dow's Lake and parked. We began the run, my son quickly breaking out his food supplies since he mostly skipped lunch, and started from Dow's Lake towards Laurier.

At about the 4 km mark, I ran into Steve Mahood who ran on the 2007 CBC Ottawa Gotta Run team with me. He had about 16 km to go and was running near my pace so we joined up for our run. My son had passed out at about the 2 km mark and stayed sleeping until about kilometre 16.

Steve and I caught up, ran a little too fast, slowed down often to keep from blowing out but kept up a steady chat for most of the run. Things got a little quiet around the 18 km mark when we were both pushing it. It was good to catch up with an past running friend and it made the kilometres just slip by.

Makes me think I should run with someone more often, it was a good time and I still achieved my goal (while pushing the running stroller no less).

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