Friday, March 20, 2009

Nike iPod+ Application Locked Up

My last long run on Sunday was my longest run so far this season at 32 km. As those that read this often probably know, I use the Nike + iPod system to track my mileage and to help with training. I also use the results which are uploaded to the Nike+ site to track my progress and create neat graphs of my distance completed. I find that this tool is a great motivator, which we all need sometimes.

Well, I was pretty disappointed last Sunday when the Nike+ software locked up when I hit the End Workout button. I waited and it did not respond, it just sat there. Now, to complete the workout and have it save to the Touch's memory you have to hit a Done button after you review the workout. I never got a chance to hit the Done button. The Touch just froze.

I gave it 20 mins while I changed and drove to meet my running partner for a post run meal. But nothing, it was just hung there doing nothing. So a hard reset later and my workout data was lost. Bummer, since that workout is now lost and means my totals for March are impressive but not as a impressive with the missing 32 km.

This is the first time this has happened to me after a run such that I lost my workout. I have seen the app lock up before but not during a run. Applications locking up seem to be a problem occasionally on the iPhone/Touch (I have a Touch) due to memory leaks I am assuming. I have heard some antidocial reports to reboot your device every couple days or after a download of a large app. Some games (apps) use so much memory that it is suggested you reboot before playing them to make sure all resources are cleaned up.

Funny, how even the most user friendly devices still require a fair bit of know-how of what is going on inside the device to get the best user experience from it. I get this being a developer myself and into gadgets but I wonder how many people out there just find their gadgets an annoyance?

What ticks you off about technology?

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