Monday, March 23, 2009

Running With Jogging Stroller

My wife is out of town helping out her Brother and our Sister-in-law with their first baby. Baby ETA is tonight or tomorrow. Exciting stuff to have another baby in the family.

So I am on drop-off and pick-up duty this week with our 3 year old (our 8 month is with Mom). Since I missed my long run yesterday I was determined to get it in today. I had hoped to do it in the morning by running my son to Pre-School in the Jogging Stroller (a Chariot) and then continuing to get my total run in of 21.1 km (just a Half Marathon long run this week). The morning got away from me though and that was not going to work.

Not swayed by that I left work early, got home, changed, setup the Chariot and started the first part of the run without my son. I picked him up at the 14 km mark and he joined me for the last 7.1 km.

I am used to only taking one of the boys in the Chariot for a total run and I find that this is ok, though hard on the long runs of 20+ km. Pushing the stroller also makes the shorter, but faster pace runs, a much harder workout. Today's combination of 14 km without any child in the jogging stroller and then 7.1 km with a fully loaded 3 year old really drove home the point that "Man, it is a lot of work pushing the kids."

I never realized how difficult it was until today but needless to say, it was a hard 7.1k. I can only think it must me good for me since it is like an endurance strength work-out. It is a good upper body workout as well as you tip/lift the stroller over crubs/dumps and maneuver around obstacles so I tend to be a little sore/stiff in the arms/upper back the next day (especially after pushing my 3 year old).

I let my 3 year old know today that I appreciate him coming on my runs because he keeps me company, helps me work harder during my workout meaning Daddy gets stronger, and who would not love a companion that sings/tells me stories. Today's story was The Three Little Pigs; of which he would was the wolf and I played the pigs. We were going back and forth telling the story (mostly "let me come in," "not by the hair on my chinny chin chin," "I blew your house down Daddy," and repeat). You might be able to guess that my part was done a little out of breath. He enjoyed it though and it made the last 2 km fly by.

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Ken said...

Time is getting short. You never sent me that Paris race tracker link thingamabob.