Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Homework Strategies For Having More Fun

My youngest gets off school at 11:45am. My oldest gets out at 3:40pm.

One of the struggles I have is getting enough time to do fun adventures further afield with my youngest without missing schoolwork. Here's what I mean:

  • We have to get lunch.
  • He gets 1-3 sheets of homework each day, that we must complete.
  • He sometimes has work he did not complete in class that we must do.
Homework can take anywhere from 30-120 minutes to complete. It only every takes a long time when he is not into it and we have breaks in between the actual work. I also let him wander from dedicated homework to other projects like colouring or Dad/Mom homework (additional worksheets/books we have).

As you can guess, if I do homework with him each day that makes it hard to get a day to go swimming, head to the library, go biking, etc. That is, the funs things we want to do which take more time out of our afternoon before we have to get to school to pick up his brother.

This week we are testing out doing 2 days of homework on one day and then having a day with an adventure on the "day off."

The boys both loved the idea and yesterday they did 2 days of homework. Today my youngest got rewarded with swimming and a trip to the library. I also go to fit in a trip to Target for house stuff that I would have had to fit in between homework and afternoon pickup.

Everyone is liking the idea so far. Tomorrow we load up again for a canoeing afternoon on the next nice day.

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