Monday, March 24, 2014

No Blerch Run, But Next Best Thing

Well, registration sold out in 29 minutes for the Beat The Blerch run. I was not lucky enough to get in.

This reminds me of the days when there would be a mad rush to buy tickets for a concert over the phone and you'd get dropped and have to call again. It can be very frustrating as sites lag, send you back, give errors, but that is how things are done today.

It really is the lucky ones that get into events.

Well, I was disappointed but I said, ok, well if you can't run, then might as well volunteer. So I will be volunteering as a Course Marshal to help keep people on track. I figure this will involve a deal of running/walking to my course location as I help out.

I have also asked to be on the 1/2 Marathon wait list and as such I will continue to train for the event, just in case.

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