Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book Review: InterWorld

Upon recommendation from the Redmond Sci-Fi Book Club members I read Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves Sci-Fi collaboration InterWorld. I loved this book. It was a quick read with multi-dimensional travel/time travel/magic/science/moral struggles.

While reading it I felt, this feels like a screenplay. There was a lot packed into this short book and I felt a lot of areas needed more fleshing out. This was because I loved it and wanted more.

When I got to the end and read the authors notes it became obvious. This was an idea they had pitched for a TV show multiple times but TV execs could not wrap their head around this interdimensional travel adventure story. So they sat down and wrote it as a novel to hand out as a way to sell the idea. So far no luck and getting a deal but I for one look forward to this being made into a TV show.

The basic premise is that there are many dimensions and each has an Earth with duplicates of ourselves. A new dimension is split off whenever a major decision for someone is made. The the new world continues from that point with the other decision having been made.

Now, within these split dimensional Earths there is a copy of ourselves. On each of these there is one person, named Joey, who is a Walker that can travel between dimensions. He finds out there are 2 warring fractions from 2 different dimensions that have learned to harness his copies to power their technology to travel between dimensions so they can conquer multiple dimensions.

The Joeys meet, form an alliance, and begin to battle back to protect dimensions from being taken over by the 2 warring fractions, The HEX and The Binary. The HEX being ruled by Magic and The Binary by Science. Yes, it gets complex but the book does a good job of keeping it straight by explaining it is very complex and hard to keep straight.

This was a fun romp that is teenager friendly and geared towards a teen TV show. I loved the multi-dimensional-time-travel aspects and the mix of science versus magic.

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