Monday, March 31, 2014

Hanging Blinds

I have family visiting shortly and as such I am doing some more work on the guest house so it is a little cosier. It serves as my jam shack (guitar), the Xbox room, and our home office.

To that effect we have gone without window covering in the main seating area but this room has 3 large windows which look out to the driveway and the front of the main house. So you can kinda look into the guest house from the main house. Not cool (sorry Father-in-law who has visited with such a lousy offering).

So, today I finally got out to Lowes to look for some blinds. I was pleasantly surprised at the choices and the fact that they can now cut the blinds to your required size, while you wait! Awesome!

I have 3 windows 58 1/4 inches wide and tall. So, the 58" wide blinds would not cut it. To hang the blinds you need 1/4" clearance on both side (I am told). That said, there were no 58" blinds in the style I wanted so I am lucky I had to ask for help.

Being a manly guy I don't want to ask for help, I figure if the size I don't need is not there then screw it, find what will fit. Ya, pigheaded.

Anyways, I asked for help since I wanted the 2" wide, Walnut, Plantation style blinds to match the dark wood accents in the house.

Low and behold they carried Levolor blinds (these are called Plantation style or Faux Wood which are CustomizeNow) that they can cut to your dimensions to order. As well, the machine cuts the needed 1/4" clearance off each side so you get the exact side you need, in my case that was 57 3/4 inches.

The blinds were also easy to hang, though I did run into two stripped screw heads that were a pain to remove. I persevered with a fine hacksaw, vicegrips, and a lot of good old Thistle Cursing to get me through.

Here are the new blinds:

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