Sunday, January 20, 2008


Sometimes even I know I am crazy running on days like today. Minus 12 degrees Celsius today with a windchill of "Holy Hell It IS FREEZING!!!"

So, today was bundle up day, add some layers and a face mask to protect my throat from getting hoarse during/after the run from coughing. It was still freezing.

After 5 miles I felt like my legs were turning to lead and my knees into glass.

Still, it's days like this when you are tired (an early morning wake-up from my son which cut an hour off my sleep) and it's too cold out for a polar bear; that when you do run you know it is for a purpose. Be it to get in shape or run 1000 km in 2008.

Having the goal has been a tremendous help to keep me on track. Here's hoping the rest of the year continues like today.

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Scott Parsons said...

Friggin feels like Ottawa here in St. John's today. It's -12 here today. Still, wish we had a place to run outdoors here. The citizens here have been fighting the City Council lately to plow the damn sidewalks. They said, NO!, it's a snow city, drive a car. They have no clue.