Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Extended Rest

The snowshoe race was pretty hard on the body and I was still feeling it yesterday. So I skipped yesterday and got my run in today.

Forgot my Nike +iPod chip today (and did not try it for the snowshoe race) so my online tracker at Nike is missing those runs. Oh well, I guess I can do an additional few kilometres here and there.

My work has a gym with 3 treadmills which I've started using. Thankfully I don't have to use them often, since I find it so boring running on a treadmill and trying to find that sweet spot with incline.

Here's a good list of tips for running on the treadmill which I hope may make the experience more enjoyable.

Now to pack my Nike +iPod chip for my next run.


Scott Parsons said...

You need to keep us up on where you are within the 1000 kms. I want to check every day to see the total. Also, how many kms you SHould be up to, so i can see if you are ahead or behind. :)

MT said...

Yes, been planning to add that feature. Just going to use a side bar with some text for now and maybe update with a fancy graphic later.