Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Calf Pull

As if it was not obvious, I pulled my right calf muscle today. I am booking appointments to see a Sports Massage Therapist and a Sports Doctor so I can get on track with recovery.

The warning signs were there, my calf was getting tight during my track run this morning. I started with running 10 minutes at an easy pace to warm-up (maybe not easy enough). Then we started into our work out which was challenging but not hard.

Thinking back, I have started doing lower leg strengthening exercises this past week. They have resulted in some stiff legs and I don't always stretch afterwards since they seem fairly easy, though as I said I get tight afterwards.

My calf muscles were also giving me troubles leading into the Marathon with lots of tightness. I was having them worked pretty hard leading up to race day. Afterwards everything seemed fairly good and I figured hey slowly coming back up to speed should be ok.

Well ok, lesson learned, take it easier than the easy I was taking it for the entire month after a Marathon.

Now to figure out how long this is going to set me back as I rehabilitate my calf. Looks like I'll be getting some extra swimming and biking (once it is ok) in.

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Scott Parsons said...

Oh God! Sorry to hear that man. If it makes you feel better, my foot is still giving me trouble since the Marathon. The pain is finally gone after 2 weeks and replaced with constant numbness. Sitting at a desk makes it worse, so does driving, and sleeping. Ug!

Take care of it man. Rest is simply the best thing. Better than any wallet massaging theropy offered.