Friday, June 13, 2008

Not So Bad? Maybe

Ok, so I wanted to be sure I got two opinions and honestly I figured my calf was pretty toast after it popped. The Sports Medicine Doc thinks it is a rupture and I will be going back in 3 weeks for a follow up. I am still going to Physio next week since I want to work out a recovery program including exercises and any ultra-sound therapy that might help.

Now all that said, I also had an appointment yesterday with my usual Sports Therapy Chiropractor. He immediately said he did not think it was a rupture since a rupture would lead to bruising, swelling/inflammation. He asked if he could take a look (with his fingers) and see what he found.

I worked around my calf pinpointing the pain and said that he thought it was scar tissue that had torn. This is the same leg he had been working on before the race due to it's cramping at around 30 km.

He asked me if I could go up on my one leg. On both yes, on the left yes, but on the right no (not without extreme pain). When I say no, I mean I could not go up on my right leg because of the pain and the fact it felt like I had no muscle strength in the muscle that runs right on the back of the leg between the ankle and the 2 big calf muscles mid-way up your leg. So he went to work.

One round of working on the scar tissue and I could still not go up on my leg (go up meaning lift up on my tip-toes). A second round and voila I could lift up on my toes again. He did some more work, worked the other tight calf muscles and then some laser therapy. I am still investigating the laser therapy so I will get back to that later.

So, all that said. He thinks my recovery should be about 3 weeks and I will be recovery running sooner. Basically, once the pain subsides I should be able to start very slow runs and work up again.

Time will tell. For now, I am sticking to the recovery plan and getting some strengthening exercises from the physiotherapist.

As well, for the muscle related injuries I am sticking to the Sports Therapy Chiropractor. He has gotten me through a lot so far and continues to amaze me with his ability to address whatever hurdle my body throws at me.

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Sounds very promising.