Monday, June 23, 2008

I Can Start Running Again

Plan is to get back to running tomorrow with my first run in two weeks. Chiro went well and worked out the main pain in my calf. I followed that up with Physio, suggested by my Doctor, which has been working to rehabilitate the muscle and strengthen it for running.

Physio has consisted of some basic stretches that I have to hold for 2 minutes per leg. As well, there have been one legged calf extensions done on the stairs. I also have to do two legged leaps/hops, one legged hops, one legged balancing on a squished balance ball, and cycling (though the cycling is done first as a way to warm up and get the legs a little tired before stressing them with the other exercises).

I was at Physio tonight and there is no pain in the left leg. It is still a little weaker but another week and that should be fine. Hence, I can start running again.

I can't wait to get on the road again. It feels like so long without running but it has only been one month since the Marathon with a few runs in between recovery and injury.

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