Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Fitness Month Recap

Finishing a run with an aching thumb,
infected by a metal filing from the ex-lawn
Well, I declared April to be Fitness month to try to kick my ass into gear with training.

I started the month with a bit of a low as I did not get into the Beat The Blerch race just before April which I had been thinking of as the impetus for My April Fitness month. Then at the end of the month (as I will post tomorrow) I got into the new day that opened on Saturday. So now I really need to keep training.

The month started with a big lull as my parents visited and I took time off to hang with family and do projects. Then I felt I had some making up to do to salvage the month.

It felt good to get out regularly running again. I saw improvements in my times and could feel improvements in my cardio. I was able to climb a couple little hills easier and I broke a 10km run for the first time in forever.

In the pool, I decided to go for my 35 minute goal and then decided well I have time, let's just go for 1 mile and see how I do. When I started swimming, I worked myself up to 1 km in 30 minutes. I felt that was decent and I have done that whenever I go to the pool.

Now, having cracked 1 km in about 25 minutes and 1 mile in 40 minutes I have decided I like the mile better and it is an exhausting workout. It feels awesome and like truly being alive to feel your muscles pull you through the water faster. And not much is better than being able to go from stopping each lap a couple months ago to now swimming 60 laps with few rests in between.

So, overall, though I did not hit my number of days of exercise that I had set-out to complete. I felt the month went well. I hit some new or needed milestones in my training and I am ready to keep the training going and figure out my plan for the September 1/2 Marathon I will run.

Here are my totals for the month:

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