Sunday, May 11, 2014

Weekly Roundup: May 4 - 10

Deer in the laneway as we return
from a class concert.
It was a jam packed week getting errands done before I got back to work on Monday, May 12th. Doctor's appointments and lots of odds and ends. Also lots of cigar box guitar work as I added pickups, kept up practice, and had a guitar lesson with Jordan Officer from his recent Kickstarter (thanks to my Father-in-law).

Our youngest had a class Mini-Music Concert for Mother's Day where the kids sung their hearts out. Here he is in his jeans, plaid shirt, and sport coat for the concert, which he picked out himself to look nice for Mom.






  • The second podcast went live. Listen along as Scott and I talk about How to Do Art When You Don't Have Time. I included lots of show notes since talking about art is difficult when you can't see what we are talking about.
  • I talk about playing a fretless Cigar Box Guitar. Playing fretless stringed instruments I always thought would be cool but too hard for me. Well, the heck with it, I am trying it out now to see how hard it really is.

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