Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Swoop Of The Hand

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Ok, office story time.

I worked at a place once where they had us stuffed into a rented space in a stripmall/office park (it was hard to tell which one).

In my "office", yes I had a door even, there were 4 of us stuffed into a room about the size of a normal house's kids bedroom. I sat with my back to the door and a co-worker sat with his desk perpendicular to the door such that side of his desk was at my back. There was just enough room to walk past me to get to the other two desks if I did not roll out from my desk.

I am sitting there with headphones on and feel air swooping by my head. The first pass this was normal since I would get a cool breeze, to break-up the oppressive heat in the office, each time someone walked by.

After 3 or so of these in quick succession I turned to see what was on the go.


A notebook was swooping back and forth by my head. It was being swooped by my co-worker sitting behind me.

I took off the headphones and asked, "What's up?"

He: "Fly."

I watched him continue to swat at the house fly. His notebook swinging back and forth by my nose.

It was time for action, how to handle this?


Me: "Shall I take care of this for you!?"

My co-worker paused, looked at his notebook. He looked up at the fly sitting on the ceiling mocking us.

You could see the lights came on in his eyes.

He: "Ahh, no, it's fine."

The swooping stopped.

Back to work.

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