Sunday, August 23, 2015

Feature Decisions

I started Paddle Mate 3 weekends ago. The first weekend I started with proving out the the initial algorithm, setup a way to collect and test sample data, and then began the hard work.

Once I decided the app was viable, I began to polish the app for release. First I had to come up with my wish list and then trim that down into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) list of features.

The MVP features I desire being:

  • Stroke counting
  • Real time workout stats
  • Location tracking
  • Upload to Strava
  • Import into Health App
  • Submit Samples for Stroke Detection Refinement
  • View Past Workouts
  • Delete Past Workouts

It has been a busy 2 weeks and I am into the final stretch before my wife and kids get back from a visit with family in Canada. With them away I was able to throw myself into creating the app. 

Over the last two weeks I have put in about 65 hours over 5 weekend days. I have not tracked the weekday nights as well but needless to say, I have invested time on many nights researching, designing, and cranking out code.

All the work is paying off. Yesterday evening (9pm) I took Paddle Mate for a spin around the lake. I put in just over 2 km with the app over 28 minutes. Notes from that:
  • Dark Mode for nighttime kayaking worked out very well.
  • I need to add an option to not turn off the screen.
  • I am missing an activity indicator during the sample submission file generation.

Yesterday's Features

  • Sample Submission
    • User has ability to choose the data to send.
    • Submission is through a Mail Compose view so the user can view what they are uploading and choose to cancel at multiple stages if they do not want to upload samples.
  • Tweaked my use of the Realm Database to:
    • Decrease write calls.
    • Add delete.
    • Improve use with tableviews.
  • Initial hookup work for Past Workouts (WAKE view) is done.
  • Submit to Strava
    • Hooked up but my GPX data format is being rejected. 
    • More testing/tweaking needed here.
  • Created converter and file writers for my location and sensor data models to support CSV and GPX output formats.

Yesterday's Commit List

  • Updates to UI design in PaintCode.
  • Added tintColor constant.
  • Refresh DOCK tableview when returning to view.
  • Added Delete button to END PADDLE view.
  • Switched navigation from push detail to push in PADDLE workflow to allow pop to root without animation warnings.
  • Added PaddlingEffort enum for user submitted samples.
  • Added logic for incrementing workout id.
  • Added stroke data to sample submission format.
  • Added submit samples to Paddle Mate via email submission.
  • Added convert location data to sample submission format.
  • Fixed warnings in FRDStravaClient.
  • Wrote converter from location readings to GPX output.
  • Wrote converter from location reading to location CSV output.
  • Wrote converter from sensor reading to CSV output.
  • Improved use of Realm with Dock TableView.
  • Improved MathController default configuration.
  • Added Uploading activity indicator and dimmer view.
  • Added upload to Strava method. - GPX file format issue at moment.
  • Hooked up controls in WAKE view to workout values.

Today's List of Features

  • Strava upload
    • Fix GPX format
  • Past Workouts
    • Add Delete option
    • Add Submit Samples Option
    • Add Upload to Strava Option
    • Enable Charts
    • Enable Map with route from workout

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