Monday, August 24, 2015

Reuse in App Design

END PADDLE view reused as
SHARE view
Code reuse is important and we take advantage of it all the time with open APIs. When we are designing our own code, UI, or UX we can also get code reuse. Here's how I reused the END PADDLE view for the SHARE view.

I left the implementation of the Past Workouts view (called the WAKE view) and it UX until after I had the basic app functionality working. Once I started to implement the WAKE view I began to see I could make some small changes to the existing END PADDLE view to reuse it as a SHARE view.

Here is the scenario.
Jane is kayaking and is outside of data coverage. She ends her kayaking and can not upload to Strava to share her workout with friends. Jane wants to be able to upload her workout when she gets to lunch where she knows she will be back in data coverage.
To handle this scenario I decided I would put that option in the WAKE view so that you can see which past paddles have been uploaded. From here you can also upload that past paddle.

Here is where the reuse comes in.

The END PADDLE view contains the sharing options; to Strava for example.

So, I refactored the END PADDLE view to support both the End Paddle workflow and the Share from Wake workflow.

This decreases the amount of code I need to write, reduces the number of views in my app, and let's me move faster.

Look for ways to implement your views with reusability in mind. You may be able to save yourself work in the future when you need similar functionality from another location in your app.

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