Monday, August 17, 2015

Adding Strava and Health App Integration to Paddle Mate

My Co-pilot stealing me seat
when I went for water

Quantifying Humanity

Like any other Quantified Human (QH for short, or just narcissist for the haters) it doesn't count if it wasn't measured. So, today I got to work on Strava integration into Paddle Mate.

The Strava API has a ton of features and allows:
  • Up to 600 requests every 15 minutes
  • 30,000 requests per day
If I hit that limit with Paddle Mate then there would be worse things to deal with than needing to request a higher limit. One can dream.

To integrate Strava I decided to shortcut as much as possible. In that vein I ended up pulling in the following libraries:
With these in place I was able to get Strava integrated, login, and pull my profile data.

The Health App

After Strava login and profile access was done I integrated Health App support so that I can write to the built in iOS Health App. With this in place, users will be able to store their kayaking working into the Health App and count their kayak against their daily goals.

Now that I have Strava and the Health App connectivity, the next big push will be to convert my current sensor and workout data into formats for Strava and the Health App. I decided to leave the work for this conversion until I had Strava and the Health App ready to go since I look at how I need to convert the data for both at the same time so all the conversion logic is fresh in my head.

Another busy weekend of coding and the app is getting closer to the list of V1 features I have in mind.

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