Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Paddle Mate Post Weekend Update

Night Testing

As some saw, over the weekend I took Paddle Mate for a night test and it went well. Here is the workout, which I posted from the water to Strava. This was a final field test after a previous couch test with a shorter test run from a past day.

Backgrounding Bugs

After the successful test on Saturday night I added more features on Sunday. When I went to try out the app for a longer 2 mike kayak I ran into several bugs. The major one being backgrounding related. This raises the issues that I need to refactor my PADDLE view to handle resuming when the app is relaunched after being stopped by the system while in the background.

This is one of the final 2 big bugs to shipping the app for testers. It will be my area of concentration when I find time this week.

Sunday's Features

  • SHARE view
    • Refactored from PADDLE END view
    • Send to Strava complete
    • Send samples to Paddle Mate (this is for testers or users so they can upload samples so I can add them to my testing and algorithm training)
  • WAKE view
    • The WAKE view as I have discussed is the view for looking at previous sessions.
    • Tweaked the scrollview to layout elements with more space for map and charts.
    • Add delete option to delete a session you do not want to keep.
    • Add SHARE option
    • Hooked in Map and Charts
  • PADDLE view
    • Added Map view back in. I was getting distracted by tweaking the Map (for maybe an hour) and put it on the back burner until I had a couple bugs in the PADDLE view metrics fixed. This made it back in and I really like it.
    • Add ability to have Map and Stats view force screen to not sleep. This is on now for my testing but I think I should expose this with an option. I will address that when I fix the backgrounding bug I have.

Next Steps

Well, I am back to reality. My family arrived back home from a visit to Canada and I am back to my normal schedule. This means a decrease in posts and slowing down of the progress I was able to make over a weekend. I can not pull a 29+ hour effort on Paddle Mate for the foreseeable future but I will need to spread that time out.

Ok, so now that I am back to my normal schedule I will refine my list of what I need to ship the MVP. Here are my upcoming tasks I need to ship for testers:

  • Address the backgrounding problem. Not a big deal and I have a handle on how to get the resumption working.
  • Second big bug: I found some limits in the iOS-Charts library and was able to not only freeze my app but my phone (until the system could kill my app and it's out of control chart generation). The library was spinning the CPU up to 100% with a lot of nested CGImage creations as it tried to draw a chart for a very large sample set. I need to address this before I ship and find the upper limit on the libraries chart sample size.
  • Style the DOCK view of Wakes of previous sessions. I have some ideas here and it is not critical to get the app out the door but I need to move from the current placeholder UI.

Follow Up: The Chart Bug

For one of my charts I was using it to view accelerometer samples while testing and am planning to convert it over to a chart with your speed over the workout. The issue I ran into (which I am happy I did since I have an upper bound to work back from) is that I selected the chart with my 28 minutes of accelerometer data and it's approximately 6700 samples kicked the charts ass.

To solve the problem I am going to limit my sample size based on the time. I need to find that upper limit and then calculate out a sample set size that has less entries than the upper limit for reasonable performance for expected kayaking times.

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