Monday, August 10, 2015

Hackathon: Writing a Microsoft Band App In One Weekend - Update 5

Update 5: The Sunlight Strikes Back

Yesterday I start working on MapKit integration and a higher contrast Work View. Though I find the font and weight a little heavy, for bright sunlight I figured I should err on the side of overweight and work backwards.

Here is the last prototype UI I used yesterday:

Here are the new UIs I will try out next:

Map It with MapKit

I also began to add mapping to the app. I want to track distance covered and pace. So, since I am doing that I might as well put in a MapView to let you see where you are. I am undecided on how much I will build that out. A review of other fitness apps shows that most have a full screen MapView but I am unsure that is required for my intended purpose.

Perhaps for someone navigating a series of rivers or along the coast it might be handy to be able to zoom out. I would hope that someone was not using the app for navigation though; as that is not the intended purpose.

My goal with a map view is to see if I am tracking close to a given route I might want to repeat for comparison.

What do you think? Would a full screen MapView be useful?

The Last 20%

To productize this app for sale here are some of the features I think it needs. Let me know if you think I am wrong.
  1. Main Page with list of previous workouts.
  2. Export option to:
    • Health App
    • Strava
    • Runkeeper
    • Endomondo
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Mail Developer Session Samples (So I can continue to refine the algorithm)
  3. View Previous Workout
  4. Workout Mode
    1. Basics working.
    2. Missing MapKit for Distance, Pace
As well, I need to find a unifying design, color scheme, typography, and all the other details to make the app not look terrible.

Hackathon Result

I am calling this a decent start to a new app. Here are some of the wins from this weekend:
  • The basic algorithm is 80%+ accurate on stroke detection.
  • I have a platform to build out skills in algorithm design for a fitness apps.
  • I can export data from the app for post workout analysis.
  • I have a new excuse to hit the water more for some kayaking.
To those that read along, Thanks! It was nice to have feedback and see that people were interested in this topic.

If you kayak and have an iPhone, get in touch with me

If you want to see some of the products I have worked on or get on touch to collaborate on a project check out my company NewThistle LLC.

You can sign up to find out when I do another Hackathon weekend or launch an app at

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