Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fast Soccer/Baseball Game For Kids

I have been working to get the kids rolling out the door by 8am so we have an hour of play time before school. We are not on track yet but we are getting some play time in this week.

One morning we got to the park with our soccer ball and about 10 minutes to play a game. Finn asked to play baseball but we had a soccer ball.

So, we quickly came up with our modified soccer/baseball game:
  • One person rolls (pitches) the ball to the batter/kicker.
  • The kicker must kick the ball out of the infield into the grass in the outfield to score a homerun. 
  • If the pitcher or fielder (there are only 3 of us) stop the ball from hitting the grass then the kicker is out.
  • 3 kicks with a miss or foul balls result in the player being out.
Not many rules, loads of fun and easy to "miss" the ball as you try to stop it with your foot so younger ones get some homeruns ;-)

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