Saturday, April 19, 2014

Live Music: Carly Calbero

I took my parents, while they were visiting us last week, to see a local musician. Carly Calbero and Nika Wascher who were playing at one of my favourite local music spots, Soul Food Coffe House.

My parents, and especially my Dad, instilled my love of music in me. I can not remember much of my childhood where we did not have music playing. We would also sit around and just listen to music together. It was a communal experience, so taking them out for music was a no-brainer.

We were pleasantly rewarded with a great show by Carly and Nika. Carly plays guitar and sings. Nika plays a Cajon, Cuban Box Drum, and sings backup.

Carly is best known as a Busker at Pike Place and Pacific Place in downtown Seattle. She has an amazing voice which made my parents instantly think of Tracey Chapman.

Carly opened with Folsom Prison Blues which we all enjoyed and then later performed an acoustic version of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons that I loved. I plan to add Radioactive to my list of songs to play. It sounded great acoustically.

If you have not heard Carly then you can try out some of her tunes on Soundcloud:

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