Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Next Job: Contracting at Microsoft

I've just signed my contract for my next job. I will be contracting as a Software Development Engineer Test (SDET) at Microsoft.

I can not share what I am working on but it will be customer facing. Once I am allowed to share more I will. Don't you love the world of modern business? Everything is all cloak and dagger.

Start date is May 12th, 2014.

Now I just need to find a Nanny for our kids for after-school care before I get to dig into this new project.

I will miss the free time and getting to hang out a ton with my kids. That said, I am very excited to work on a new project and get SDET experience at Microsoft. Microsoft really has a great testing track for developers unlike anything I have seen or heard of at companies I have worked for. I can't wait to learn how they develop and test software.

As well, if we can swing it, my wife and I will get to car-pool together :-)

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