Monday, April 28, 2014

Washington State Fishing Season is Open

Most lakes in Washington state opened this weekend. I live next to Pine Lake and with the season opening today, my oldest (8) and I got out there early to try our luck.

Now in our case we are very lucky. Our lake is one of the stocked lakes, and I don't mean a couple hundred brown trout. I mean by the tune of 14,000+ brown trout back 3 weeks ago. So we were pretty excited to get out there on the canoe and get fishing.

We were not lucky enough on day one to land a fish. We had 3 bites. 2 were strong and I may have had them if I was holding my pole but both times I was paddling and by the time I tried to hook the fish he had slipped off. Once I even dropped my paddle in the lake and leaned out hard to grab it.

We were lucky enough to catch our local (4) eagles fishing. One caught a fish about 75 ft from us and then flew past with the fish dangling from his claws. That is until he dropped it after a gull came swooping in to try to steal the fish. The fish went free (though not for long I figure) and the eagle had to hightail it as he was trying to gain altitude away from the annoying gull.

It was amazing how many people were out and to get to see the high tech gear people are using. There were all manner of self propelled, electric motor, paddled, flippers, you name it and it was out on the water today. Luckily our lake has a no gas motors policy so only electric trolling motors under some very low HP are allowed.

It made for a great day on the lake (well the 3 hours we got on it). Now to start getting up early so we can get more fishing in.

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