Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Beck's Album Song Reader

Image: Amazon
Did you know that Beck released Song Reader, an album in sheet music form only, in 2012? Ya, no downloads, no CD, no vinyl.

Isn't that the coolest?

I am totally intrigued by this and want to get the book now so I can try some of the songs.

Check out a great post By Malcolm Jones at The Daily Beast about this: Beck's Album Song Reader Is All Sheet Music. We Take It For A Spin

The publisher, McSWEENEY's also setup a website where you can go to listen to people's interpretations of the sheet music at

You can also read a Q&A with Beck about Song Reader.

If you join the website you can also download one of the song's (Old Shanghai) sheet music as a PDF so you can check out the music yourself.

Very cool way to release an album. I'm going to read Old Shanghai now.