Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mid-Month Exercise Check In

Speedier Mark at the
Paris Marathon
‎The first half of this month has been tough to fit in my exercise. For a guy who is off that is strange to hear I know.

‎My parents were here last week and we did lots of touring, some renos at the guest house, and a lot of hanging out. So I set family as a priority there. No regrets on that one.

The week leading up to their visit I was prepping the guest house, cleaning up, etc. I also spent a day chaperoning my son's kindergarten class which took up a whole day. I could have squeezed more in there, but c'est le vie.

So, even when I am off I sometimes find it hard to get those workouts in. I have a bunch of house projects that we just kicked off yesterday which I need to work on this week but my goal is to workout in the morning and then work on house projects after my workout. Then I can't wimp out since I am "tired" ‎and did a lot of house projects so that must count right?

This worked for me yesterday when I rebuilt half of our entrance deck which was rotted. The corner that used to be attached to the house was rotted away and so that side of the deck would sag down when you stepped on it. Before I started work on the step I got my run in first so that the rest of the day was ahead of me.

Good thing I did that workout first. I was totally wiped out when I finished the step.

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