Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Prepping for Sprint Training

Mark after a training run
in a Blizzard one Ottawa
I've read sections of the 4 Hour Body off and on. One of the sections that interested me was the 2 chapters on Ultra-Endurance running (Ultra-Endurance I and Ultra-Endurance II), about using sprint repeats to train with less distance for long distance running. So, I want to do this form of training and see how it improves my times and ability to run longer distances.

First though, I must get my base training built up so that I am ready to do the training. This form of training is going to be hard due to the speed required for the sprint repeats. To get up to base I will need to be able to do 5 km in 24 mins. That means a pace of 4:48 min/km (or 7:44 min/mile).

In the past I have run 2 Marathons and multiple shorter races and training runs. Lately I have not run further than 10 km and my pace has dropped off a lot. My fastest 5 km recently is 26m:48s. So to get to the base for this training I will need to shave off almost 5 mins.

Once I have achieved the base pace, it will be time to start laying out the sprint training plan and begin it. I will document how it goes once I start it.

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