Thursday, June 12, 2014

Blogging Tips To Keep the Posts Flowing

A family road trip including a ferry ride produced
a wealth of photos for blog posts.
Ok, I will be the first to admit now that I am back to work after an almost 5 month hiatus doing home
keeping, that blogging while working full time is hard to pull off.

So, how am I keeping up with as many posts as I have been doing? Here are some tips:
  • Track Your Ideas: I have a blog ideas folder in a Notes app. I write down any idea that comes to my head and a couple lines if they come to mind so I can develop the idea more when I am sitting at my computer writing. This pipe of ideas can be very helpful when you have a few minutes to spare to write but can't think of what to write; just crack open the ideas file and start writing.
  • Plan Ahead: I trace out what the coming 2-3 weeks will look like for posts and lay out the posts for that timeframe. Leaving holes to fill in as things come up I want to blog on immediately. I do this in a fancy tracking software program called a "1-subject ruled notebook". It's quick and easy and helps me track how the next few weeks look.
  • Pictures Tell A Story: I have started adding pictures to each post to make the RSS field and posts to Facebook/Google+ have a unique image. I also look for photos while I am out or doing something since it might launch a post idea or be a great shot for a post.
  • Learning By Teaching: I look for topics I am currently doing or interested in (like Guitar) to turn into a series of posts as I learn more about the topic. This inspires me to learn more on the topic, write it down, and remember it better. It's a win win!
I hope that helps you get ideas for more posts.

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