Saturday, June 14, 2014

Favorite Things to See In Seattle

I have had some friends and family descend in on the Seattle region and they invariably ask what to
see. So here are some of things that my family and I have enjoyed that I think are worth seeking out to see:
Image: Pike Place Market Flowers
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  • Seattle City Center
    • The kids will love this place. There is a Children's Museum that is fun, lots of great places to eat, and tons of things to see around here. Take in the Seattle Children's Theatre for a kid friendly theatre outing, check out buskers, or take in the glass museum nearby or the Pacific Science Center also nearby,
    • The Space Needle
      • Worth the ride up for the view on a clear day.
    • The EMP Museum
      • Great for music and Sci-Fi geeks. Plan to spend some cash here if you are a geek or music player/lover. More branded and cool shirts, badges, stickers, books, etc than you can shake a stick at.
  • Pike Place Market
    • Tour the shops. Take in the Beecher's Cheese Shop (making cheese onsite daily). Listen to the buskers. This is a don't miss location. And if you are a Starbucks fan, stand in the long line at the original Starbucks store.
  • Lake Union
  • Ballard
    • Stay here and enjoy the boutique shops, restaurants and nightlife. A great place for a couple, minus kids.
  • Further afield if you have a car and want to see some of the natural wonder of the Northwest
    • Snoqualmie Falls
      • Stop by here on the way to Snoqualmie Pass. Then stop at Snoqualmie for lunch. Next proceed to Snoqualmie Pass.
    • Snoqualmie Pass
      • It is a blast to leave sunny Seattle in the Spring and drive out to the mountains into high snow drifts and stop at the ski hills to play on the snow for a while. Then be amazed as you leave this and drive 45 minutes back to the Spring blooming and no snow in Seattle.
These are all places we have done to more than once and enjoy lots of activities around these sites.

If you are visiting Seattle or the Northwest then let me know when you are coming and how long. I will let you know if I know anything that is going on at that time and give you a couple pointers for enjoying our visit.


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