Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekly Roundup: June 16-21

Image: My first two Cigar Box Guitars
Posts have been dropping off and I no longer have a couple weeks of posts in the queue. With summer
and the new job, I doubt I will be continuing to post regularly. We will see how long I keep up semi-regular posts.

Summer, is full on here now with the boys out of school and starting camp tomorrow. They are very excited but are realizing that Mom and Dad are not going to be off with them and that has them a bit bummed out. Doesn't it for all of us?

This weekend I also was able to fit in another Cigar Box Guitar, my second. That's the 4th stringed instrument I have made now. I was very happy with this new one, it's the one behind/to the right in the photo. It was much easier to make the second. This one's loving home will be with my 5 year old.


  • Being a programmer and a geek Dad I want to teach my kids a modern skill that I feel is equivalent in importance as reading, writing, and math; that's right, I am teaching my kids programming.

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