Tuesday, June 24, 2014

300th Post Has Past

I posted my 300th post this past weekend. It was the post about my first long run of 9 miles in almost 3 It's Good To Be Back.
Image: Driftwood along beach in Puget Sound

Of those 300 posts in the past 6.5 years:
  • 106 are from the previous running blog I had.
  • 28,070 pageviews so far.
  • Only 44 have been guitar related.
  • 19 relate to Cigar Box Guitars.
  • 150 (1/2 the posts) were posted in 2014 (Wow! I can't believe anyone has kept reading my posts this year.)

It is fitting that the 300th post is about running since my first post on my previous 1000K blog (which has been combined with the Droolfactory) was about running. That first post was about my goal to run 1000 km in 2008 to keep motivated with running. I did pretty good that year and have kept running (off and on) since then.

I've really enjoyed how blogging has pushed me to explore my writing, encouraged me to capture events in my life, and rekindle my joy of sharing my passions.

I hope you've enjoyed reading it.

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