Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Album Review: Lishy Lou and Lucky Too!

I heard about this new album (Lishy Lou and Lucky Too!) from Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band on NPR while driving home from the pool with my youngest.  I turned down the article a bit and I hear from the back seat, "Turn that up please, I was listening."

Here he was, in the back listening to the reviewer talk about the album.  No wonder.  It is a kids album with lots of pop numbers and jokes.

We added it to our Rdio queue when we got home and have added it into our rotation (thank goodness, I have something else they want to listen to other then the Frozen Soundtrack).

The songs are fun, with silly lyrics, but the best part is they are catchy and besides the lyrics could be on the radio.  So, this is a very easy album to listen to and enjoy with the kids.

The premise of the album is that it is a Radio Show.  There are bits with jokes and such which the kids like, and then lots of music.

Well worth a listen if you need something new to add to your playlist with the kids.

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