Friday, January 31, 2014

The Book I Wish I Had When I Started Running

I recently downloaded Bruce Van Horn's new book, You Can Go The Distance
This is the number one book I would recommend for those getting into running or who have run a bit but want to step it up a notch.

Bruce is very motivational, follow him on Twitter @BruceVH for a steady stream of positive thoughts and motivational quotes.

Bruce makes you want to go out there and do it.  He makes you want to go the distance.  And he helps your realize you can.

When I started running I knew nothing.  I had poor form, no idea about hydration, eating right, training (I trained too much and injured myself many times), and no mental fortitude to run a Marathon.

I then went one a multi-year journey of learning.  I ran, I did clinics. I got to run with CBC Ottawa in the 2007 Gotta Run series.  I tried many training routines.

In short, I took the long road to learning what Bruce puts down in a concise and easy to read book.

Don't do that, get this book, read it and go the distance!

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