Sunday, January 19, 2014

Race Report: Stinky Spoke 2014

Heart Attack Hill at start of race.
Well, the Stinky Spoke has come and gone.  Thanks to my friend Dan for suggesting the event and allowing me to tag along for the ride.

The event was fun, not hardcore, and really just an excuse to go riding in January, up a wicked hill, and raise some funds for Little Bit.  Timing was not tracked and the event had an open start, that is you could start any time from 9-10am.

I saw the route and profile view before the event so I had an idea of the course in my mind.  That still did not prepare my out of shape legs for Heart Attack Hill and the remaining ups.  Here's my result on Endomondo.

Terrain profile and my speed, terrain in grey, speed in green,

I figured I would be doing awesome if I came in at 2 hours so the 2:30 time was not unexpected after the first hills.  I really wished I had been able to climb more of the hills but my legs were not up to the challenge today and I hike'a'biked many/most of the hills.

Here's the route (sorry, map is not clickable, need to use the Endomondo link to see that):
Route of the Stinky Spoke, 2014

On downhill I was a monster.  I would make sure to give room between myself and the next rider so I could bomb down the hill.  At times I thought, is this old bike going to hold up or explode after one more jump.  But as many times past, it brought me through in one piece.

The after party was great as well.  Massy Ferguson played at the after party which was at the Redhook Brewery in Woodinville, WA.  A heated tent, food, beer, and music after a long ride; it doesn't get much better than that for a day of mountain biking.

My Classic Riding Selfie, stopped this time, not rolling.
Will I do it again?  Most certainly and after seeing the swag that people got for fundraising, next year I will work at fundraising so I can snag a sweet long sleeve riding jersey.  Those were very sweet.

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