Sunday, January 5, 2014

Batman: Knightfall

I was reading The Verge Classics: Batman Knightfall BBC Radio Drama, and figured I would look into the original comic.  The series tells the story of Bane, his origin and battle with Batman.

I love origin stories of characters and to find out the original take on where Bane came from was an instant draw.  I am into the first volume of 3 and picked them up at the library.  Go go Library!

The volumes are not short so you probably only need to pick up one at a time.

The origin story of Bane is well worked out and is much stronger than in the Dark Knight Rises movie.  You get a better understanding of who Bane is and what made him.  In the movie I came out of it feeling he was a lackey for Talia al Ghul.  

In Batman Knightfall, Bane is his own man with a single determined goal, to destroy the Batman who embodies his personal childhood demons.

So, if you enjoyed The Dark Knight Rises and are a comic reader, then you owe it to yourself to check out this series.  If just to get another take on Bane.

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