Monday, January 13, 2014

Improvising with Backing Tracks

When practicing improvising it can be helpful to have something to play with.  A practice partner is great but if you don't want to drive them crazy as you work out licks a backing track is probably better.

Thankfully we have the internet.  Head over to YouTube and do a search for "backing track" to find a long list of tracks to practice with.

Even better, narrow down your search like I did recently with "blues backing track in d major".  I found this one I liked: Blues Backing Track in D Major

Another a little more soulful I am using slide with is: Slow Soulful Blues Guitar Track in D  For this track I am especially trying to work on pauses in the improvisation.  As well, I am trying to repeat licks to come up with something that is interesting to listen to.

For a much better example of improvisation and to watch a more detailed discussion of improvising check out Justin Guitar's: Major Scale Pattern 1: Basic Improvisation lesson.  This gave me a lot of insight on how to get started.


Unknown said...

At this rate the next time your in Ottawa you'll be showing me stuff. I find it hard to sit down and get really technically.. I have a playlist of songs that I put on and play away.

For backing tracks of songs i'm learning for when the guys get together I use:

Pretty good site.

Unknown said...

Heck, I'd take your years of jamming and playing over my trying to learn any day. I am just trying to catch up to you so I can jam with you guys better the next time I am in Ottawa ;-)

I'm glad you guys just did not kick me out this summer when we played.

Email me or Facebook message me what you guys are playing these days. Give me something to practice and try out.

The site looks good. Thanks, that will be handy.