Saturday, January 25, 2014

Private 1 Hour Guitar Lesson

I have a private lesson coming up with a jazz/blues/country guitarist from Montreal, Jordan Officer.  I have my Father-in-law to thank for this since he backed Jordan's latest album, which was a Kickstarter, at the 1 Hour Skype Lesson Included level.

I first heard of Jordan, who's father is a family friend, when he was playing lead for the Susie Arioli Swing Band on Pennies From Heaven.  This is one of my favorite albums.  I love Jordan's playing and Susie's voice.  Well worth a listen if you are into Jazz ballads.

So, I am going to get to talk to a great guitarist.  I have a list of questions I am composing.  Tell me what you think.
  1. Any barre chord tips?
  2. Top blues guitarists to study?
  3. Most popular tunings and keys you find yourself reusing with various other artists?
  4. How much does a studio recording cost?
  5. Where would you play to get experience as a guitarist starting out?
  6. What peddles can you not live without?  Why?
  7. What strings do you use?  How often do you change them?
  8. Favorite Amp
  9. Guitar? Fav? Why?
Anything else you would ask a full-time musician?

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